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Description of menu items:

  • Home: List of all permits for this user, organized by current status. This is the default page after login. You may select the "Copy" link to copy data from an old permit into a new permit. Draft permits that have not yet been paid for can be deleted. Currently active permits can be viewed in a printable format suitable for documentation purposes.
  • My Account: Edit basic account information, such as address, name, and contact information.
  • Apply: Create a new permit application.
  • Help: This page.
  • Change Password: Change your account password.
  • Security Question: Change your account security question (used during password resets).
Application Pages (in order):
  • Basitc Information: Allows the user to select basic information, such as permit type, requested start date, and purpose, as well as other information.
  • Locations: The user must input at least one area of use and one well location (for groundwater permits) or diversion point (for stream/surface water permits). After selecting the location, the user will be asked to provide supporting documentation for each location.
  • Supporting Documentation: After inputting a location, the user will be asked to upload a scanned or electronic document detailing information for each permit. In some circumstances, this documentation is not required, but can be uploaded to help speed the processing of a permit or if the applicant believes it necessary for the permit record. In some cases, the OWRB may request additional documentation. Details about what documentation is necessary are provided on this page, and alternative methods (fax, U.S. Postal Service Physical Mail) are detailed on this page as well, should the applicant not have access to electronic records.
  • Summary: Before payment, a summary of the permit is provided, including location information and supporting documentation. Please confirm all information is correct before making payment.
  • Payment: Please provide payment on these sets of pages.
  • Receipt: A printable receipt is provided after payment when the permit enters "pending" status.
  • Printable Permits: By selecting the permit number link (only available on the Active permits section), a printable version of the permit will be produced to allow for hard copy records on site or to provide proof of documentation.

OAC 785:30-5-4 – A provisional temporary permit is a nonrenewable permit granted by and at the discretion of the Executive Director. The permit is only effective for a period not to exceed 90 days and is subject to cancellation at any time during its term. No hearings are held, no application notice or data is published and no notice to surface estate owners is required on applications for this type of permit. The application may be approved and the permit may be issued summarily and immediately upon administrative approval where it appears from the verified application and supporting material filed therewith that the permit issuance conditions described in 82 O.S. 1981, Sections 1020.9 and 1020.11(D) are satisfied and that wells spacing distances, as specified in OAC 785:30-3-6, and other conditions as may be required by the Board, are met. On applications in which the applicant is not the surface owner of the lands upon which the water well is to be located, the applicant must satisfy the requirements of 82 O.S. 1981, Section 1020.11(D) and OAC 785:30-3-1(b). Provisional temporary permit holders are required to notify the Board in writing within 30 days after expiration of their permit as to the disposition of the well covered under the permit. Issuance of a provisional temporary permit does not give the permit holder any permanent right to use groundwater.

OAC 785:20-7-1(e) – A provisional temporary permit authorizes an appropriation of water in an amount and from a source approved by the Board. A provisional temporary permit is granted by the Board’s Executive Director for a period not to exceed 90 days, is non-renewable, does not vest in the holder any permanent right and is subject to cancellation at any time within its term. It is not necessary to hold a hearing, publish application data or notify adjacent downstream domestic or appropriative users prior to consideration of this type of permit. The permit may be issued summarily and immediately at the discretion of and upon administrative approval by the Executive Director. A provisional temporary permit may be issued only where the verified application and supporting materials filed therewith show that the use will not interfere with domestic or prior appropriative users, economic hardship will occur if the permit is not granted, and the applicant owns, leases or has the written consent of the respective landowners to use lands at the point of diversion or lands for placement of water lines or other appurtenances related to use of the water.

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